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Managerial Tactics to Weather the Storm

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Lesson #1
Be sure that fundamentals are performed properly and processes are in place. Then turn to the tech side.
  Lesson #3
Do not put retail units on display until they have been properly and thoroughly reconditioned.
Lesson #4
Do not carry over a 45-day supply of retail inventory.
  Lesson #8
Update and follow up the Internet daily/hourly.
Lesson #11
Spend as much time with customers as possible.
  Lesson #15
Attitude dictates behavior.
Lesson #18
Understand that a successful pre-owned department helps in all other departments.
  Lesson #25
Make daily decisions on old inventory.
Lesson #29
Determine your goals.
  Lesson #31
Delegate responsibilities.
Lesson #34
Stick with your turn policy.
  Lesson #39
Involve management in pricing of pre-owned inventory.
Lesson #42
Set up standards and procedures.
  Lesson #46
Do not let wholesalers control your dealership.
Lesson #50
Turn is important.
  Lesson #55
Get out of over-aged inventory without huge wholesale losses.

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